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Reimagining Commercial Fleet Procurement

We upfit, wrap and deliver your fleet vans.

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Kingbee has hundreds of work-ready vans in stock now. With a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks, we can get you a vehicle that matches the rest of your fleet faster than any other solution.


Empty cargo vans are creepy and unproductive. Kingbee is the only commercial vehicle provider that upfits and wraps in-house. Our vans come with optional shelves, ladder racks, partitions, and signage.


Kingbee allows you to adjust the size and composition of your fleet with various term lengths and financing options. This way, you’re always in control of how long you have the vehicles and how they appear on your books.


Renting bridges the gap between other procurement methods. When the busy season is approaching or downed vehicles are costing you potential jobs, renting provides vans right away.

  • Quickly scale or downsize your fleet

  • Complete flexibility for project-based or seasonal work

  • No long-term financial commitment

  • Keep vehicles off your balance sheet

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Leasing a vehicle means you only pay for the portion that you use, leaving you with less financial risk and more capital for your business.

  • Low upfront costs

  • Preserves cash flow

  • Predictable repair and maintenance expenses

  • New vehicles with regular upgrades


"Kingbee facilitated our growth in 2021 and will continue to do so for years to come.  In such a constrained market, we’ve been able to continue to grow and expand our business while others are sitting on the sideline.  The extensive upfitting options and branding that we’re able to take advantage of are some of the best in the industry.  I really don’t even want to write a positive review because I want Kingbee all to myself."


A new solution to vehicle fulfillment

We live in a right-now economy and you're not getting your vehicles "right now".  Why spend months upon months planning, waiting, and adjusting your fleet order when you have access to work-ready vans in 2-4 weeks through Kingbee. 


We're smart & we have plenty to say about the industry. Come learn from us.


Not a reader? We've made some cool videos. Some are informative, some are crude. 

The Verdict is In.
We're Better.


Kingbee is here to support your fleet, not replace it.


Not having the vehicles you need can mean thousands of dollars in losses every day. We're here to make sure you don't have the burden of finding a vehicle, scheduling with an upfitter, wasting time figuring out signage and organizing delivery. As well as term lengths and financing options to fit your specific needs.

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