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How to Electrify Your Fleet

Before widespread EV adoption can happen, fleets must solve two main challenges: range and charging. Most electric vehicles can drive about 200–300 miles on a single charge, which may not be sufficient for the distance they need to cover on a daily basis. And then when they’re not being driven, the vehicles need a place to park and charge overnight.

Fleet managers are closeted financial planners. They concern themselves with the bottom line, and the good ones are savvy enough to forecast future costs. In a tortoise-and-the-hare situation, fleet managers and small business owners are the tortoises. They have the potential to win if they make all the right decisions.

EVs are an inevitability, and OEMs are slowing internal combustion engine production to make way for an electric alternative. It’s up to fleet managers to pivot and adjust in order to come out ahead.

Renting Simplifies Your EV Transition

Most fleets acquire vehicles through a combination of purchasing and leasing. Kingbee offers a third option to accommodate any acquisition strategy by letting you try before you buy so that you know what you’re getting yourself into committing to a large order.

Rental vehicles are off balance sheet, as opposed to your owned assets. This means fleets of all sizes can integrate rentals into their acquisition strategy without changing their financial model:

  • Small fleets with little to no allocation can use rentals to avoid overpaying for vehicle MSRP.

  • Medium-sized fleets with some allocation could use rentals to scale or downsize quickly.

  • Large fleets with preferential allocation could lean on rentals to help with cashflow.

Vehicle ownership has its perks, but what if you need vehicles quickly but only for a short period of time? Like during peak season or for a large job. Or maybe your order from a dealership got delayed, and you can’t afford waiting around. In all of these instances, renting will help you adapt.

Where Does Kingbee Come Into All This?

Kingbee’s entire mission is flexibility for fleet managers. Their long-term rental model gives fleets instant access to electric cargo vans, all upfitted with work shelves and ladder racks. To solve EVs biggest challenges, Kingbee partnered with Pollen to provide charging for electric vehicles without a large upfront payment. What’s the catch? No catch—Pollen operates on a monthly billing cycle so you can keep your costs fixed and your cash working for you.

Kingbee offers premium electric vans (upfitted & wrapped) on a long-term rental contract.

Canoo builds an all-electric vehicle with a unique way of configuring the battery model inside the frame. Their mission is EVs for everyone, and Kingbee helps them do that.

Pollen helps companies rapidly scale their EV infrastructure without investing significant time and capital.

Go Electric With Kingbee

No matter your fleet goals, Kingbee can help you adjust. We’re like the chiropractor you can’t live without. We provide the electric vehicles and a place to park and charge them. EVs are coming—will you be left behind? Call Kingbee today to begin your EV transition.



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