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Kingbee Introduces Leasing to Its Work-Ready Van Offering

SALT LAKE CITY, June 20th, 2024 — Kingbee Work-Ready Vans, a leading provider of upfitted van solutions, is proud to announce that they now offer vehicles on lease, in addition to rent, so that fleets can continue to find vehicles quickly, with low upfront costs and the proper equipment.

Kingbee started in 2021 as a way to provide companies with vehicles that they couldn’t receive in time from dealerships or FMCs. Supply issues were causing OEMs to cancel and delay orders, and fleets around the country needed vehicles that they could immediately put to work. Kingbee developed a rental model so that fleets could receive and utilize commercial vehicles for the short-term while they waited for their purchased orders to arrive. 

Kingbee is a novel fleet solution that couples its large inventory of available vehicles with an in-house upfitting and wrap shop. This innovative approach has provided a much more convenient experience for customers and has led to the success of Kingbee’s rental model. 

In a strategic move aimed at solving the ever-changing needs of fleets, Kingbee is leveraging its expertise and modern approach to now offer multiple lease options and tailored services to align with the different financial goals of fleets. 

“In any business, leveraging debt is a huge part of the growth equation. Leasing a vehicle means that you only pay for the portion that you use, leaving you with less financial risk and more capital,” said Scott Haslam, CEO of Kingbee Vans. “In 2-4 weeks, you can receive new vehicles that are wrapped in your company’s branding and upfitted with shelves and racks, all on terms that align with your financial strategy.”

The catalyst for this expanded offering is to meet the demands of customers with a full fleet solution. With multiple contract options available, fleets can use Kingbee vehicles month-to-month after the first four months, or opt for a more cost-effective term length. Additionally, Kingbee offers lease-to-own plans as well as an inventory of used vehicles to purchase.  

“Fleets who need new vehicles for longer than a year may find leases to be more advantageous. You’ll get all the latest features, lower monthly payments, and the convenience of not dealing with vehicle resale,” said Haslam. 



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