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Kingbee Launches Daily Rentals, Offering Immediate Access to Well-Equipped Cargo Vans for Short-Term Use

SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Kingbee Vans, a leading provider of work-ready cargo vans, is proud to announce the launch of its Kingbee Daily Rentals pilot program. This new service addresses a critical gap in the market by providing individuals and small businesses with the flexibility to rent work-ready vans on a short-term basis. Kingbee Daily Rentals caters specifically to those with immediate cargo vehicle needs. This includes transporting equipment and furniture for personal use or temporarily replacing a downed work vehicle utilized in various trades.

“Our goal with Kingbee Daily Rentals is to provide businesses and individuals with immediate access to reliable and well-equipped cargo vans,” said Scott Haslam, CEO of Kingbee Vans. “In times when vehicle downtime can lead to significant losses, our daily rental service acts as a crucial gap-filler, allowing users a cost-effective solution to keep operations running smoothly.”

As the only company offering daily rentals of vans upfitted with shelving, ladder racks, and other equipment, Kingbee Daily Rentals provides a range of options to meet different requirements. 


  1. The Mover: Basic cargo van with high capacity to fit large loads. 

  2. The Delivery: Equipped with fold-down shelving and safety partition from Ranger Design. 

  3. The Contractor: Featuring two extended work shelves, contractor shelving, and a safety partition from Ranger Design. 

  4. The Contractor+: Includes contractor shelving, safety partition, and a drop-down ladder rack from Ranger Design with space on the cross bars for longer materials, such as pipes or conduit. 

The average monthly loss per downed vehicle is $13,104, emphasizing the importance of a reliable and efficient rental service for users facing unexpected vehicle downtime or an immediate hauling need. Whether delivering packages or temporarily replacing an HVAC vehicle, Kingbee Daily Rentals will first operate from a centralized location in West Valley City and customers can conveniently pick up vans on weekdays. This pilot program allows Kingbee Vans the opportunity to assess market response, before expanding services regionally or nationwide. 

“We understand the challenges individuals and businesses face in obtaining suitable vehicles for immediate needs,” said Haslam. “Kingbee addresses this by offering a diverse fleet of upfitted Ram 2500s and 3500s, Mercedes Sprinter vans, and Fort Transit 350s, as well as providing competitive pricing, extensive storage space, and more daily miles than other rental options.” 

For more information about the Kingbee Daily Rentals pilot program, visit

About Kingbee Vans

Kingbee Vans was created in 2021 as a solution to fleet fulfillment. Kingbee offers hundreds of work-ready van rentals that are new and maintenance free, can be wrapped with company branding, feature custom upfitting with shelves and racks, and delivered to any jobsite nationwide. Kingbee provides businesses reduced maintenance costs, financial leverage from having assets off the balance sheet, and flexibility to meet fluctuating demands.



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