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Kingbee Vans Expands Operations into Canada, Offering Comprehensive Solutions Across all Provinces

SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Kingbee Vans, a leading provider of work-ready van rental solutions and fleet electrification, is proud to announce its expansion into Canada. With a mission to deliver much-needed commercial vehicles to businesses and communities, Kingbee Vans is now operational in all Canadian provinces. 

In a strategic move aimed at replicating its successful US operations, Kingbee Vans is looking to establish a strong foothold in the Canadian market. Leveraging its expertise and innovative approach, the company aims to deliver tailored services to meet the diverse needs of Canadian businesses and municipalities.

"We’re excited to introduce Kingbee’s well-established services to Canada and further our growth and expansion objectives,” said Scott Haslam, CEO of Kingbee Vans. "Canada is an underserved market with many thriving industries, such as solar, which is rapidly expanding thanks to government incentives and subsidies. Our service offering is a logical fit and we intend to adapt our US operations model to suit the unique needs of the Canadian market."

The catalyst for this expansion is a partnership with a prominent Canadian transit company to address the needs of individuals with special requirements, including ACA compliance and accessibility. 

Kingbee Vans is set to deploy a fleet of vehicles, including passenger vans and specially upfitted vans equipped with ramps, wheelchair access and other special equipment, to support the transit company's initiatives. Kingbee aims to provide up to 300 vehicles by the end of the year, with plans for further expansion in the near future.

"Our expansion into Canada is a natural progression of our mission to fill the gaps that exist in the fleet industry. We’re excited to shake up a new market with the speed, utility, and flexibility of our unique rental solution." said Haslam.



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