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Kingbee Work-Ready Vans Honored as Emerging Elite Company by MountainWest Capital Network

Updated: Jan 4

SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Kingbee Work-Ready Vans is proud to announce its recognition by the prestigious MountainWest Capital Network as one of Utah’s Emerging Elite companies in the annual Utah 100 list. The Utah 100 is a celebrated compilation of the fastest-growing companies throughout Utah. 

2023 Utah 100 honorees are ranked according to a weighted average revenue calculation of percentage and dollar growth over a five-year period through December 2022. The Emerging Elite represent organizations less than five years old that show the most promise of future growth. Kingbee Vans was one of only 15 companies to be included in this year’s Emerging Elite.  

Established in 2021, Kingbee Vans has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory reflected in a sharp revenue increase of $2,655,742 in 2021 to $18,880,139 in 2022. The highlighted potential for the company’s promising future qualified it for MountainWest Capital Network’s Emerging Elite category. 

“We were thrilled to be acknowledged by the MountainWest Capital Network as an Emerging Elite company,” said Scott Haslam, Founder and CEO of Kingbee Vans. “Our journey has been marked by dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to providing industry leading, work-ready van solutions for a multitude of clients. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and determination of our entire team.” 

Kingbee’s rapid growth can be attributed to its innovative approach to providing work-ready vans tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. The company’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and staying at the forefront of industry trends has propelled it into the ranks of one of the most promising businesses in the state. 

Kingbee provides fleets the flexibility to scale or downsize based on changing market conditions by providing vans that are maintenance-free, feature customized upfitting and wraps, and are immediately available with no long-term commitment. As the company continues to expand and serve the needs of businesses across the US, it remains committed to eliminating the hassles and added expenses businesses face managing their own vehicle fleet needs. 

About Kingbee Vans

Kingbee Vans was created in 2021 as a solution to fleet fulfillment. Kingbee offers hundreds of work-ready van rentals that are new and maintenance free, can be wrapped with company branding, feature custom upfitting with shelves and racks, and delivered to any jobsite. Kingbee provides businesses reduced maintenance costs, financial leverage from having assets off the balance sheet, and flexibility to meet fluctuating demands. 

About MountainWest Capital Network 

MountainWest Capital Network is Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success and dedicated to the flow of financial, entrepreneurial and intellectual capital. Learn more at



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