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3 simple words that separate us from the rest.

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We were born from our upfitting business. We've been installing ladder racks and shelving in empty cargo vans for over 10 years. We have 14 bays in 28,000 sqft of warehouse space with 2 shifts. We're not bragging we're just really impressed with ourselves.


With conventional rental and leasing companies, you will have to purchase your own shelving, partitions and racks, find an upfitter, get on their schedule, get them the vehicles, receive the vehicles and move on to the next step. Maybe you have a leasing company doing this for you. Even if they're really good this process will take a few months. We're literally out of breath and only through the first leg of your rental journey. That is why the foundation of Kingbee is built on providing "work-ready" vehicles to our customers.



Our wrap team can turn out 14 fully wrapped vans every day (or 30+ partially wrapped). We're equipped with the newest and best printers, plotters and laminators that are on a 24hr/6day a week schedule right in the same building as our upfitting and logistics. It does seem like we're bragging.


With conventional rental companies, your best option is representing your multi-million dollar company with a magnet. Kingbee offers sticker kit options for 2 or 4 sides of your van as well as 1/4 and full wrap options that will be installed before your vans leave our shop. Thank us now so you won't have to later.



Our dedicated logistics team has auto-transport trailers loaded with work-ready vans leaving every week to a different job site around the country. With 20+ years combined experience in vehicle shipping, one could say you wouldn't find a better team... Ok we're definitely bragging.


With conventional rental and leasing companies, you'll need to know exactly where your vehicle needs to be months in advance. You have little wiggle room to make last minute adjustments. Kingbee has created it's logistics in-house to make sure you have full flexibility up till the day of shipment, while saving you money.

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