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How To Sustainably Source Your Fleet

If acquisition stops, everything stops. Successful fleet management requires accurate projection and diversification. That’s a fancy way of saying: if you can’t provide cars, your clients will ghost you.

Your clients want orders filled on time to keep their logistic pipeline running smoothly, but auto manufacturers are busy texting ‘new phone, who dis?’ to fleets across the country. 

Fleets are experiencing a classic low-supply, high-demand scenario. December 2022 was the sixth consecutive month of double-digit, year-over-year increases. And with sales expected to rise in 2023, fleet management companies are scrambling to fulfill their orders. 

  • OEMs aren’t producing enough to keep up with current demand

  • Vehicles are constantly being delayed or canceled

  • Typical lead time is 6-9 months

A New Lease on Life

You can’t be a fleet manager if there’s nothing to manage. Acquisition is the single biggest challenge faced by managers and management companies. Add this to the long list of puzzles that include fuel, maintenance, and sustainability, and it’s easy to see why fleet managers would rather think about Mai Tais at happy hour. 

Controlling and reducing costs is a priority for any organization, and fleet management is no different. No sh*t.

Just as you may need different types of vehicles to accomplish different tasks within your fleet, you should also be sourcing and paying for those vehicles in a few different ways. Simply purchasing all the necessary vehicles may not put the company in the best position as it expands. 

Kingbee Is Your Immediate Solution

Our vans will never break your heart. We have one of the largest van allocations in the country, with hundreds of brand new vans upfitted and ready for work. Last month, we partnered with one of the largest fleet management companies to supplement over 400 vehicles to a leading solar installation company that otherwise were unable to fulfill their order. Due to the initial success of our program, the client has elected to use Kingbee for all future long-term rentals.

  • We bridge the gap until new orders are received.

  • We’re here to support your customers’ fleets, not replace them.

  • We provide the vehicles. You take care of everything else. 

Contact us today!

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