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  • Can I put my company logo on a Kingbee van?
    Short answer: yes. Our experienced technicians will hook you up with full- or partially- wrapped custom logos, decals, and sticker kits, so that your fleet can stand out. Not to brag, but we have the best printers, plotters and laminators in the industry. Instead of scheduling with an upfitter, then a wrap shop, and then a delivery service, we conveniently offer all three, right here at Kingbee HQ, so that you get your vehicles quicker.
  • Once I’ve placed my rental order, how long will it take for me to receive my vehicles?
    Our turnaround time is generally less than 4 weeks, from order to delivery, with the exception of an ultra-custom upfit. For those, you might have to wait 6 weeks.
  • Can you deliver large orders?
    Absolutely. We take pride in our ability to deliver vehicles faster than industry standards, specifically for fleets. Once—and I’m not making this up—we delivered 500 vehicles in 120 days. Our typical turnaround time is 4 weeks, but sometimes larger orders require a staggered delivery.
  • How much does each van cost?
    Kingbee offers several different upfit packages, each with their own unique value and price. Unlike rental companies, however, our prices are fixed and do not vary by region or seasonality. Call us today to see how our rentals can provide your fleet with a cost-effective solution.
  • Should I rent instead of lease?
    Vehicle acquisition is like being a sugar daddy, it's purely financial. The most effective fleets use a combination of renting, leasing and purchasing so that they can adapt when different opportunities arise. Renting makes sense regardless of your current funding strategy. What if you need vans quickly but only for six months, like during peak season or for a certain project? Or if you need to supplement your fleet while you wait for your OEM allocation? Maybe you want to test a new technology to see how it performs before making a major investment. The main advantage of renting is the convenience it offers. Rental vehicles are readily available, meaning no more extensive paperwork and negotiations associated with purchasing or leasing. Benefits of Renting Avoid maintenance costs Crush the peak season Ideal for high-turnover Save on ownership costs Return vehicles when you’re finished
  • Can I upfit my rental vans?
    Most rental vans do not come upfitted. However Kingbee work-ready vans are upfitted with equipment from Ranger Design. Contractor: two extended work shelves and a safety partition to keep equipment secure. Contractor+: A drop down ladder rack from Ranger Design with space on the cross bars for longer materials such as pipes or conduit. Custom: We can build and do build endless industry-specific upfit packages. Our Contractor and Contractor+ packages are meant to cover 90% of our customers needs under rental contracts, but we're always happy to discuss additions, adjustments and custom orders. So, long answer is "yes".
  • How will I know when my vans are delivered?
    Our operations team will send you updates after every status change. You’ll be notified when your vehicles are in production, getting wrapped, being shipped, and arriving at your location.
  • How long can I rent the vans?
    We offer flexible 4-12 month contracts, with the option to extend. We also have a sister program for shorter terms here.
  • What’s the difference between leasing and renting?
    There are several key differences between leasing and renting. Term: Renting can be anywhere from 1 day to 12 months, whereas the minimum lease is 13 months. Ownership: There is potential to have equity at the end of the lease (but you could also be upside down in one). Risk: Renting presents less risk because of the short time commitment. Like a date instead of a marriage. There are lots of articles on the differences and benefits to all three options. Here is one in particular.
  • Who the hell is Kingbee?
    Kingbee is the only company in the nation providing work-ready vehicles equipped with shelving, ladder racks, partitions, and optional vehicle branding, all delivered to the lower 48 states on a flexible 4-12 month contract.
  • Is it possible to rent the vans for just a few days?
    Yes, Kingbee Daily Rentals offers daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, so you can have the vehicles you need for as long as you need them. You can contact them here.
  • My job is in a remote location. Can Kingbee supply vans for my project?
    We deliver everywhere in the lower 48 states. From Quincy, Illinois to BFE, Wyoming, our customers receive their work-ready vans when they need them.
  • Why should we rent instead of going to a dealership for a new van?
    Let’s be honest—some people should just buy their own vans. But the reality is that leveraging debt is a huge part of the growth equations. Most fleets use a combination lease, purchasing, so they can continue to scale and grow, or downside and move into different markets. Renting provides a flexible solution that allows you to mitigate risk. Another thing to consider is that dealership turnaround time is about 6-9 months, and solely purchasing vehicles will make your fleet cycling less cost-effective. With Kingbee, you could have new vans in 3-4 weeks that are wrapped with your company’s branding and upfitted with shelves and racks, all without adding to the balance sheet. Kingbee compliments your current funding strategy and offers a third avenue for funding vehicles, alongside leasing and purchasing, so you don’t miss out on revenue while you plan for a more long-term solution.
  • How many vans do you have available?
    We currently have 1,291 vans available. For monthly updates, subscribe to the Fleet Fetish Newsletter! We’ve got Transits, E-Transits, Promasters, and Promaster Cities, all ready to join your fleet.

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