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A Good Van Is Hard To Find

Fleet utilization is like twerking, it requires balance and flexibility. When vehicles aren’t available through traditional avenues, or when cashflow is tight, flexible rentals keep everything running smoothly. 

A van can make your business over $1500 a day, which means you can’t afford to wait for new vehicles (or funding) to arrive. Kingbee helps you stay proactive, not reactive.

When You’re Broke in the Sheets and Need Vans in the Fleet

Most fleets finance their vehicles through a combination of buying and renting. In any business, leveraging debt is a huge part of the growth equation. Order too many vehicles, and an underutilized fleet could depreciate rapidly. Don’t order enough and you could miss out on revenue. 


Work-ready rentals lets you sidestep the total cost of ownership. In 3-4 weeks, you could have  new vans that are wrapped with your company’s branding and upfitted with shelves and racks, all without adding to the balance sheet. 


If it Flies, Floats or Fleets, Always Rent

No Long Term Commitments

Keep the vehicle for as long as you need, and bring it back anytime. We’re here to support, not replace, your fleet.


No Purchase Obligation

Buying a vehicle means paying for acquisition, depreciation, operation, maintenance, repairs and eventual disposal. Renting means we worry about all of that. We give you the option to grow without needing to carry the cost of ownership on your books.

No Maintenance

Damage happens–it’s part of the job. Renting means you’re no longer responsible for fixing and paying for repairs. We’ll do that for you.

No fixed fleet Size

Is your business seasonal or growing quickly? Flexible rentals give you the freedom to return your vehicles when they are no longer needed. For example, we can supplement your fleet by 10-20%, so you don’t miss out on revenue while you plan for a more long-term solution. 

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When flexibility and speed are a priority, or when vehicles are simply not available, Kingbee provides a work-ready van rental solution. We upfit, wrap, and deliver work ready vans to any jobsite and we have hundreds available right now.

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