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"If it flies, floats or [fluctuates], always rent it."

- Felix Dennis, The Narrow Road

Rentals/Leasing seem like bad words in some circles that don't understand them; as if you can't afford the asset and everyone will think you're poor. Quite the opposite, however. Fleet CFO's around the world have mastered the balance between adding depreciating assets (vehicles) to their balance sheet and keeping flexible debt to take on more growth.  In other words, if you have committed to too much permanence, your risk may be too high to get more money to do bigger things. 

Owning an asset means controlling its acquisition cost, depreciation, operation, maintenance, repairs and eventual disposal. With a full-service fleet lease, however, the lessee has no responsibility over any of these factors.

What's more, fleet leasing is a less expensive (up front) alternative to purchasing, leaving lessees with more capital to operate and grow their business.


"Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose — and commit myself to — what is best for me."

- Paulo Coelho 

Flexibility Means:

No Long Term Commitments

Flexibility is the reason we exist. We understand your vehicle requirements are directly proportional to your business growth and that always has uncertainty. Our short term leases start at 4 month commitments but most companies take them 8months or more. but that's up to you to decide and you don't have to tell us now.  


No Obligation

There are no purchase obligations included in your rental. When you're done with your vehicles, simply contact our logistics team to schedule pick-up from your job site.


What if you grow too fast? Will you have enough vans to meet your needs? It's actually cheaper to have vans sitting unused than it is to have too few. What if something happens and your growth is stunted? Will you be stuck with assets when you need cash? Rest assured Kingbee can solve both of these problems with our short-term leases. 

Always Brand New

We provide you with new vans, under full manufacturer's warranty. No costly maintenance or worn-out tires creating down-time in your fleet. 

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