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Kingbee Vans Prepares To Roll Out Canoo Electric Vehicles

SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Kingbee Vans, a commercial fleet van rental company, today announced that two Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 130s will be used in Kingbee’s fleet. The first vehicle is for customers to test drive and evaluate if it will meet the requirements of their fleets. The other Canoo vehicle will be placed with one of Kingbee’s national accounts, as they look to try out a new technology to determine if it’s suitable for their fleet. This marks a significant milestone for Kingbee, showcasing its commitment to help fleets transition to EV by providing work-ready vehicles on short-term rental contracts. 

Canoo vehicles are designed and built on the company’s proprietary multi-purpose platform (MPP) architecture with modular configurations for a wide range of use cases. They are a perfect complement to Kingbee’s focus on customized, fully upfitted commercial fleet vehicles with flexible leasing terms. The Canoo LDV 130 will be one of several options in Kingbee’s inventory of other work-ready vans available for month-to-month rentals.

“Delivering our first Canoo electric vehicle is a highly anticipated moment in the EV world,” said Scott Haslam, CEO of Kingbee Vans. “This collaboration underscores Kingbee’s dedication to offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our clients, positioning us at the forefront of the EV transition. Our ability to provide work-ready electric vans on short-, medium- and long-term contracts demonstrates our commitment to helping fleets seamlessly integrate EVs into their operations.” 

Kingbee’s rental model serves as a game-changer for fleets of all sizes, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions. Fleet managers can benefit from off-balance sheet rentals, enabling them to integrate EVs into their acquisition strategy without significant financial adjustments. The approach caters to various fleet sizes, providing options for small, medium-sized, and large commercial fleets. Kingbee can deliver new EVs quickly, with all the required equipment, and on flexible terms so that fleets can test the vehicles to make sure they are a viable option before committing to a large order.

“We are proud that an increasing number of our vehicles are on America’s roads, and we are looking forward to our vehicles joining Kingbee’s impressive list of customers,” said Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo. “Our vehicles are engineered for service workers, and optimized for safety, reliability, and comfort. This is what distinguishes our vehicles and provides a competitive edge for commercial fleet companies.”

Kingbee’s focus extends beyond just vehicle delivery in assisting fleets with the EV transition. The company recognizes that the key challenges for fleets considering EV adoption are range and charging infrastructure. To address these challenges, Kingbee offers a unique solution with its sister company, Pollen. Pollen helps companies rapidly scale their EV infrastructure without investing significant time and capital. For a flat monthly fee, Pollen covers all hardware costs and ongoing monthly costs (e.g., equipment, electric hookup, installation, electricity) of an electric charging solution. 

“Kingbee’s mission is flexibility for fleet managers, which we provide with our leasing model and work-ready upfits. With Canoo, we are able to offer cutting-edge, premium electric vans that handle well and have great ergonomics for the work vehicle industry. And our collaborations with Pollen exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, making the EV transition seamless and accessible for all fleets.” said Haslam. 

About Kingbee Vans

Kingbee Vans was created in 2021 as a solution to fleet fulfillment. Kingbee offers hundreds of work-ready van rentals that are new and maintenance free, upfitted with shelving, racks and optional company branding, and delivered to any jobsite nationwide. Operating 14 work bays in 28,000 square feet of shop space, we’ve designed our shop specifically for the rapid assembly of van upfits and signage. With clients in industries ranging from pest control, solar and plumbing to electrical, construction and delivery, Kingbee provides businesses reduced maintenance costs, financial leverage from having assets off the balance sheet, and flexibility to meet fluctuating demands.

About Pollen

As a turnkey solution provider for Charging-as-a-service (CAAS), Pollen Electric helps businesses rapidly scale EV fleets without investing significant time and upfront capital on EV chargers, hardware, and related infrastructure. Pollen accomplishes this by managing site selection, site acquisition, power procurement, facility design and construction, charging hardware and software deployment, operations, and all ongoing maintenance. Our collaborations with sister companies Kingbee Vans, Basin Upfitting, and Apex Wraps facilitate the swift customization of EVs for fleets of any size. In addition, Pollen has developed The Hive, an innovative above-ground raceway solution that minimizes trenching and site disruption. Starting Q2 2024, The Hive Raceway will be available for purchase by installers and customers.



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