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Rental Vans: The Secret to Amazon’s Delivery Dominance

We’re all familiar with the shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but did you know there was a second peak season that runs from January to February? And then it starts up again in mid-August. We live in a material world, and we are material girls. There is an ever-growing demand for delivery vans, especially as company vehicles age and incur maintenance costs, supply issues persist, and people buy stuff.

In 2019, Amazon grew 20%. The following year, 38%. The year after that, 21%, and nearly 10% in 2022. From $280.5 billion in revenue to a whopping $513.9 billion by 2022. Packages are getting delivered y’all—Amazon needs Delivery Service Partners, and DSPs need vans.

Utility Creates Efficiency

Delivery jobs can be a grind. There is constant pressure to deliver more, and faster. Lifting boxes and walking long distances is physically demanding, especially when you have to maneuver heavy items. And with a boss that’s demanding customer satisfaction and 24/7 urgency, it’s best to have the right van for the job.

Amazon ran a study that found vans with shelving reduce delivery time by 60%. When moving a package from a shelf to a front door, the average delivery time was 30 seconds, as opposed to 90 seconds without shelves. 

Kingbee vans make delivering easier and breezier with brand spankin’ new vans with ergonomic seating and shelves made by Ranger design. The optional shelving upfits come in handy when lifting heavy packages, especially if you want to avoid lifting a 60 lb box from the van floor. We also install a partition to keep drivers safe. Kingbee helps DSPs cover more ground, earn better routes, and deliver more packages.

Efficiency Improves Profitability

Independent contractors are able to make some serious cash from Amazon’s partner program if they have a high efficiency score. This score is determined by the number of routes and speed of delivery. A high efficiency score helps DSPs maintain their annual contract with Amazon and attract more seasoned drivers. High performing DSPs that pass the criteria for safety, client experience, and other metrics will qualify for Amazon’s bonuses known as fantastic and fantastic plus. 

DSPs also receive monthly payments for fixed costs, like vehicle reimbursement. If Amazon is going to pay for the van anyway, why not get something with shelving and added utility? Rental vans on a short-term contract that DSPs can return at the end of peak season help them to complete their routes, get paid, and keep their employees happy.

Meet the Flexible, Short-Term Rental

DSPs require a lot of cash up front, meaning they usually don’t have the capital required to buy or lease new vans. Rental vehicles stay off the balance sheet, giving you more borrowing power to invest elsewhere. Rental vehicles are also immediately available, letting you take on more routes or replace aging vehicles without waiting for a dealership. 

Unlike your favorite pair of boxer briefs, Kingbee vans are brand new, and the contracts are short-term and flexible. We help DSPs quickly replace their aging units with brand new vehicles. If a vehicle goes down for something big, like the transmission, it could be down for months. When you include lost potential revenue from vehicle downtime, those costs can really add up. 

Delivered: Your Kingbee Van

In the last four months, Kingbee has provided over 400 vans to Amazon DSPs throughout the West Coast. Amazon loves us—they are long familiar with the rental model. Kingbee is a trusted partner of Amazon, and we have a long history of working with DSPs to get them the vans they need, with the financing that fits their business.  

If you’re starting a DSP, renewing your contracts, or need vans for the peak season, Kingbee keeps everything running smoothly. In less than 7 days, we will prepare and ship the vehicles to your location. Our vans come:

  • new and maintenance-free

  • upfitted and wrapped

  • immediately available

Van rentals not only eliminate the potential cost of downed vehicles, they increase your opportunity to generate revenue by expanding your delivery service and keeping you efficient. Call today to learn more about the easy way to get new utility vans.



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